FRP Architectural Products

Light weight fiber reinforced polymer or FRP Architectural Products has huge demand in the market for its stable physical properties. Our range of FRP item can endure smoke, severe UV rays, rust and abrasion. Apart from its longevity factor, FRP Architectural Products can withstand harsh working conditions and its maintenance cost is almost zero. It is preferred over metal products in terms of its better impact resistance capacity, higher tensility level, unique compressive and flexural strength. Moreover, this product can be repaired and replaced easily. Most importantly, the strength and properties of FRP Architectural Products can be optimized as per its application needs. This highly flexible product is completely protected against degradation, deformation and aging. Cost effectiveness, recyclable quality and high durability are its key attributes.

Features :-
  • Due to its high strength, product made of FRP material remains functional for longer period.
  • It can be customized as per its application type.
  • Ability to endure high temperature, abrasion and corrosion.
  • Crack proof surface.